Telepport is the first VR conferencing software enabling two-way real time communication.
This award-winning online VR streaming platform enables the user to meet with anyone (clients, colleagues, friends…) by Telepporting everyone to the same place thanks to the latest technology in VR streaming and VISYON’s expertise.
It’s simple, the presenter of the meeting will stream via a Ricoh Theta S 360 camera, and the guests will be Telepported to his/her location through a VR headset.
This technology allows to break the screen distance and have closer meetings. Immersion has proved to help users better get involved and focused, so meetings will be more efficient and productive.
Let’s say, for instance, that you and two colleagues are having a meeting with an investor in the US, another one in China, and another one in the UK.
You’ll create a meeting through the Telepport platform which will send them an invite via email. Nothing new so far.
The magic happens on the meeting day. You’ll place the 360 camera in the center of the table, while your guests will open the Telepport app, place their phones into the headset, and see everything the 360 camera is streaming. Meaning, they’ll be able to look up, down, left and right, and they’ll see where you and your colleagues are. They’ll be Telepported.
So you no longer need to fit 3 people within the webcam range on a video call, you can be seated comfortably anywhere in the room, and your guests will be able to just turn their head around and look at whomever is speaking or whatever you are showing them.
Telepport is compatible with Firefox and Chrome. As soon as Explorer and Safari accept OpenTok WebRTC, be sure it will be compatible as well. In terms of mobile devices, Telepport is compatible with iOS (9.0 or later) or Android (4.4 or later) smartphones with gyroscope.
Nope! Telepport is perfect for healthcare, it’s actually being used to connect long stay patients in hospitals with their homes and families. Or education, to have one-on-one meetings with online students. Or Social Services, such as keeping company to elders and taking them places they’ve never been to.
It’s all about using the latest VR streaming technology to make the most of it in any way you prefer.
Simple, register at Telepport.com, and start creating meetings!
You probably received an email with an invitation. Check the email, you’ll find a link to access the meeting.
You can access the meeting from a desktop browser, but to fully enjoy the VR experience, download our app for free.
You can add up to 9 users to your meetings at the moment.
Need to have a meeting with more people? Don’t worry, that’s also an option. Contact us with the details and we’ll make it happen.
Well, that’s a good question.
Admins are the owners of the Telepport account, and by being Admins they are publishers by default.
Publishers are allowed to create meetings and stream. Hence, they are the ones with the 360 camera.
Users are people you can add under your account but not allowed to stream, only join meetings. They have access to the back end panel to see all the scheduled meetings. So if you are having a lot of meetings it’s definitely a good option to be a User to keep track of all of them.
Guests are people invited to meetings without a user account. They don’t need to be registered in the platform, but they’ll still be able to join meetings.
There is no limitation on guests or users you can add into your account or invite to meetings. We only charge for publishers who are the ones that will be busting it out.
Keep in mind, however, that a meeting can have a max attendance of 10 participants, including the meeting publisher, users, and guests.
The cameras and headsets Telepport users need are available on most electronics stores. However, at Telepport we are able to sell or rent both the 360 cameras as well as a wide range of VR headsets compatible with any smartphone.
A very wide range of smartphones are supported by Telepport. Both iOS and Android platforms are compatible with the app, and as long as your device is not older than, say, 3 years and has decent processing power, it will be enough to work with it.
The best experience will definitely be with a smartphone and using a VR headset, but you are still able to attend via computer. Just enter the meeting you’ve been invited to by clicking on the link on your invitation email.
Yes, there is! When you register to Telepport you start with a 30 minute free trial period. Afterwards, you can choose which plan suits your budget best from our different hour packages.
We’ve got your back! We’ll let you know before you run out of time. So you can buy more hours, or upgrade your plan to prevent this from happening again.
We offer the option to customize Telepport (both web and app versions) with your brand. If you like the idea, just contact us and well give you some more details.
No, it’s not. We plan to upgrade the platform quarterly with more features and resources, as we are well aware that VR is just starting and the best is yet to come.
If you have any recommendation, please, make sure to let us know. After all, we built this platform for you and we want to hear you out.
Telepport is all about internet connection quality. Make sure you have a proper connection when streaming as well as joining a meeting through your phone
Keep in mind that Telepport streaming quality depends on your internet connection. The best connection you have, the best video quality you’ll stream and see.
As we strongly want to keep it real time, audio always goes first, so if the connection is bad, the first to suffer will be the video quality.
We are here to help. Send us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible to sort out any doubt you have.